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Circle 8 Massage not only offers Sports Massage but we also have a bespoke Personal Training & Rehab studio called Arcade Fitness, where we offer a number of treatments including 1-2-1 Personal Training. In addition to being a level 4 Sports Massage Therapist Ant is also a highly qualified personal trainer with 10 years in the industry. Our new training facility has a range of equipment and we can help you fix an injury, learn a new exercise or if you fancy some 1-2-1 Personal training Leeds let us help you along on your fitness journey.

Could a Personal Trainer help me with my aches & Pains?

Putting it simply yes!  If the trainer has good knowledge of anatomy and how muscles actually work they will be able to either train you properly with correct exercise technique or provide you with a specific program to help fix your aches or injury.

Say for example you sit down all day at work, your hips may become short and tight and your glute muscles under-active, upon then training exercises such as squats and deadlifts you may feel that your lower back is doing all the work due to the reasons mentioned above, this would be something an experienced personal trainer could fix.

So how could I help you?

I could help you in a range of ways.  If you decided to go for the 1-2-1 Personal training Leeds, we would set a range of goals which could be anything from adding muscle to loosing fat.  Learning how to dead-lift properly or mastering a pull-up.  I want your sessions to be challenging but also the process to be enjoyable and realistic.

If you booked an Injury & Rehab session I could help you fix any postural issues you are suffering with.  Manage your aches and pains through correct exercise technique and programming.  I could also help you pre and post operation.  I always explain everything in detail so you know exactly what is happening, why it is happening and how we are going to treat and manage it long term.  Most injuries do not have a quick fix, they take time and commitment.  But rest assured I can get you back to feeling fit, healthy and being able to train with no pain!

I could also help you fix any postural issues, aches and pains and even help strengthen your muscles pre & post operation.  We would do this with correct exercise technique, selection & programming, releasing and inhibiting tight muscles and we would work on strengthening muscles that are under-active.  This will help adjust your posture to a more neutral position which in turn will alleviate aches and pains.

Gym Ready Session

Got an unused gym membership that is still draining money from your bank account? Want to join a gym, but feel a bit intimidated? Worried you’re doing the exercises wrong and looking a bit silly? 

Exercise Technique Session

While individual massage treatments can be perfect for fixing specific problems, many of our clients are experiencing issues that are either harder to pinpoint or seem to be systemic.

1-2-1 Personal Training

Before starting your training we will go through a comprehensive consultation to ensure I know exactly what you expect from PT and what you want to get from PT. We will also ensure any issues and injuries are taking in to account.  We will then set a range of goals that we can work towards together.  In addition to your PT sessions with myself I would provide you with a training program that would compliment our sessions together.

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When you come for a massage at Circle8 we don’t just treat your issue and send you away, we find out exactly which movements and muscles are causing it, explain to you what’s actually happening, give you exercises in the gym and at home that you can do to help alleviate and eventually get rid of your issue.