Deep Tissue Massage Leeds

Deep Tissue Massage Leeds therapy is a highly beneficial way to alleviate persistent or sporadic severe aches and pains, general soreness, stiffness in your upper/lower back, shoulders, legs and neck or muscle tightness.

What is a deep tissue massage Leeds?

A Leeds deep tissue massage session has some similarities to the more well-known Swedish massage, but the primary difference is the level of pressure applied during the session. A Swedish massage focuses on using light pressure, which will normally leave you feeling relaxed.

Whereas, the aptly named massage therapy consists of the masseur applying firm and pressure with their hands. Another difference is that the therapist will mainly make slow, careful strokes with their fingers to locate the deeper layers of fascia and muscle in your body. When the firm pressure is applied correctly, it will allow the muscles to release chronic tension, and/or generally removing the pressure (or small knots) in your joints and muscles.

Although deep tissue therapy is different from our more relaxing options at Circle8Massage, our lovely massage therapists will communicate with you before, during and after the session. As we’ve noted a deep tissue massage consists of much firmer techniques and pressure, but it doesn’t mean that you will not be comfortable as we will adjust the pressure accordingly. On the other hand, if you found that your session was still too “light” we also provide a sports massage therapy session, which may be more beneficial if you require “deeper” muscle work.

The Possible Benefits

Typically, a deep tissue therapy session will focus on one issue or area of your body at a time as this ensures the most beneficial outcome. Since the sole focus of a deep tissue massage is to locate the deep-rooted tendons, muscle tissue and fascia* it is a way to realign muscles as well as relieving many pain related issues, such as:

  1. Lower/Upper back, neck and shoulder pain (persistent or sporadic)
  2. Reduce stress (it can lower the stress hormone levels in your body, regulate your heart rate, and it also boosts your mood by releasing the “happy” chemical, aka serotonin)
  3. Improves any issues with your posture
  4. Strain injuries

…and many more! If you feel that a deep tissue massage in Leeds City Centre is just what you need, then why don’t you speak to one of us at Circle8Massage today?

deep tissue massage leeds

Do You Have Health Insurance?

Claim back the full cost of your massage in Leeds, as the Circle8 team are fully accredited with the federation of holistic therapists, which is supported by all major health insurance providers. Check your Insurance policy for more information to see which treatments you can claim for.

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At Circle8Massage we have helped tons of clients to alleviate issues with their muscles or joints, as well as making their chronic pain more manageable. If you’re feeling stiff, sore and tense from work, whether it’s because you sit at a desk or driving a lot, then perhaps a deep tissue massage at Circle8Massage Leeds is just what the doctor ordered!