Full body rebuild 

Restore your whole body to health

While individual massage treatments can be perfect for fixing specific problems, many of our clients are experiencing issues that are either harder to pinpoint or seem to be systemic. In these cases, it is best to provide a full body treatment that can help to highlight where the main triggers are or to provide a complete treatment plan that deals with each issue.

Reasons why a Full Body Rebuild is right for you

Specific injuries or muscular problems can have a cascading effect. For example, an injured ankle could change how you walk, leading to knee alignment problems and hip issues. As these issues progress, the muscles of the back may become involved and even the overall posture could be affected with uneven shoulders and neck discomfort. While this all stemmed from one ankle injury, you may now require a full body assessment and treatment plan.

What your treatment may include

Postural Assessment

The relationship between the core muscles and those of the upper and lower quarter is a highly important one. A Postural Assessment will highlight evidence of any connection between injury, pain and posture. It should reveal where there is an unnatural or uneven load on certain muscle structures – common in sports-people who work on one specific area more than others.

Muscle Testing

Also known as Applied Kinesiology, this treatment relies on the premise that “for every action in nature there is an equal and opposite reaction” (Sir Issaac Newton’s Laws of Motion). When applied to the human body it could mean that an internal issue could result in an accompanying muscle weakness. When a muscle weakness is identified, the answer may be to identify the true cause, rather than simply work that muscle harder.

Special Testing

These encompass a range of tests designed for specific issues affecting particular areas including hip and spine, wrists and hands, shoulder or elbow joints. There are hundreds of special tests that can be performed, but when chosen with care they can help to identify the cause of the issue and how to rectify it.

Movement Screening

This allows the practitioner to understand the range of movements a person can perform. Each person will have areas that affect them in different ways depending on the action they wish to perform. This can be helpful in addressing specific concerns and establishing a base understanding of where the client is starting.

Neurological Testing

These tests look at the brain/body connection and include assessments of hearing, eyesight, balance, coordination and general motor and sensory skills. This may highlight disorders or illnesses that need further investigation.

Massage & Manual Therapy

Massage and manual therapy are both passive and active activities that will warm and release strained and sore muscles. As part of a full body rebuild this will be used according to the work we have already completed to identify the source of any issues.

A Full Body Rebuild is perfect for any client that is unsure about the source of their pain or who feels that their injury is causing more problems than simply at the original site. By the end of the sessions, we will have worked out a way to rebuild the muscle structure to improve overall wellbeing.

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At Circle8Massage we are passionate about what we do, so we are continuously developing and improving our high-quality service. We are delighted to offer this innovative massage therapy option, which can improve circulation, alleviate sore muscles and reduce pain. Currently, Circle8Massage Leeds is one of the few therapy centres that offer Hypervolt Therapy.