Holistic Treatments


Aromatherapy has started to gain recognition as a natural treatment for anxiety and stress-related pains. Not only that, another benefit of aromatherapy is that it can help you to improve the quality of your sleep.


Reflexology is a beneficial treatment for people of all ages, as it can improve your mood and help to centre yourself. Even if you do not have stress or anxiety, you can gain many benefits from a session.

Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy massage is known to be of great benefit, both to the mother and the unborn baby, and with regard to the emotional as well as the physical.

Swedish Massage

We need to say that relaxation is guaranteed, especially if you book a Swedish massage at Circle 8 Leeds. 

Hot Stone Massage

Hot stone massages are primarily used to rejuvenate and rebalance our bodies. Most people underestimate the physical toll that stress can have on our bodies and minds.

Indian Head Massage

An Indian head massage can be described as a particular type of massage that focuses. It is so unique and effective due to the kind of motions involved. 

Thai Massage

We would argue that Thai massages are so popular for treating a range of problems, pain management, and promoting a healthier life because they have lasted the test of time.

Do You Have Health Insurance?

Claim back the full cost of your massage in Leeds, as the Circle8 team are fully accredited with the federation of holistic therapists, which is supported by all major health insurance providers. Check your Insurance policy for more information to see which treatments you can claim for.

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When you come for a massage at Circle8 we don’t just treat your issue and send you away, we find out exactly which movements and muscles are causing it, explain to you what’s actually happening, give you exercises in the gym and at home that you can do to help alleviate and eventually get rid of your issue.