Hypervolt Therapy

Circle8Massage Leeds is proud to bring you and possibly introduce you one of the newest massage therapy treatments.

What is hypervolt therapy?

Perhaps you’ve clicked on this page as ‘Hypervolt’ treatment caught your eye and sparked your curiosity. Although Hypervolt Treatment isn’t that well known, this innovative massage therapy is becoming increasingly popular, particularly in the US. Professional athletes, such as the Chicago Bears advocate for the effectiveness and advantages of incorporating Hypervolt Treatment therapy in their recovery and training programs.

In these massage therapy sessions, we use a state of the art lightweight vibration device, ‘The Hypervolt’. This device has been developed by one of the leading physical therapy providers Hyperice. Similar to all our therapy options at Circle8Massage, we can tailor the session to your requirements as it has three different speeds (20, 30 or 40 percussion movements). Moreover, it can be used on various areas of your body depending on your goals and pain threshold it has four attachments.

Is hypervolt therapy right for me?

Hypervolt, also known as percussion therapy can be utilised according to your needs. You can use Hypervolt therapy as a standalone session or before a sports massage or deep tissue massage. This innovative massage device can relax your muscles quickly due to the rapid speed options, which is why many clients opt for this treatment to warm and relax their muscles before a deeper massage treatment. Moreover, it can cool down and warm up your body, so it is a brilliant option therapy post and pre workout.

The lightweight device can speed and improve your recovery process as the percussion movements help the oxygen return to your muscles as well as improving your circulation. It is also an excellent option if you are restricted on time as it can give you quick and effective relief and it doesn’t require any oil or wax on your muscles. Besides being a great multi-purpose massage therapy option, many people who find sports massages too painful find Hypervolt Therapy to be a great alternative.

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At Circle8Massage we are passionate about what we do, so we are continuously developing and improving our high-quality service. We are delighted to offer this innovative massage therapy option, which can improve circulation, alleviate sore muscles and reduce pain. Currently, Circle8Massage Leeds is one of the few therapy centres that offer Hypervolt Therapy.