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Whether you need help with pain or an injury, want to optimise sports performance, or you’d simply like to relax, massage can help. It’s a wonderful way to unwind.

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Circle 8 massage combine Personal Training, Corrective Exercise and Advanced massage qualifications together meaning we have a very in depth understanding of the human body. Here at Circle8 we can treat you differently to other sports massage practitioners because we really understand how the body moves and works.

Circle 8 Massage offer a variety of treatments, we have your more traditional treatments such as Sports Massage and Deep Tissue Massage which apply a “positive pressure” to your muscle tissue.

These treatments involve a range of hands-on techniques and positional release techniques to help relieve your muscles of aches, pains and injuries which could be caused by anything from training to hard in the gym to being hunched over a desk all day.


We also have our more “out there” treatments which is Cupping Therapy and Hypervolt Therapy.  Cupping therapy provides a “negative pressure” to your muscle tissue which is great if an area is to painful to apply actual pressure or you have a low pain threshold.

Hypervolt Therapy is the newest form of treatment within the massage world.  It is basically a hand held percussion device used to stimulate and warm up muscle tissue.  These expensive little devices are great for pre/post workout and great prior to a deeper massage to warm everything up.

In addition to the above treatments we also provide the finest after-care possible, we won’t go in to too much detail but book a massage and you will find out first hand!

Do You Have Health Insurance?

Claim back the full cost of your massage in Leeds, as the Circle8 team are fully accredited with the federation of holistic therapists, which is supported by all major health insurance providers. Check your Insurance policy for more information to see which treatments you can claim for.

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When you come for a massage at Circle8 we don’t just treat your issue and send you away, we find out exactly which movements and muscles are causing it, explain to you what’s actually happening, give you exercises in the gym and at home that you can do to help alleviate and eventually get rid of your issue. 


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