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Knee Pain and knee massage

Sports Massage

Generally, a sports massage is used by individuals who frequently exercise, professionally or casually. However, this massage therapy can be beneficial to everyone, even if you don’t regularly work out (or at all). For instance, if your job is physically demanding or you’re running around after your children, then a sports massage could just be what you need to rejuvenate your body. Additionally, sports massage therapy is commonly prescribed by doctors as a way to alleviate and treat muscle strains, back pains or to treat injuries as part of a rehabilitation program.

A sports massage primarily consists of a combination of different techniques and level of pressure depending on your needs. Here at Circle8Massage, we are passionate about assisting our clients, whether it’s to alleviate pain, speed up the recovery or to prevent injuries (just a few examples).


So, rather than guessing and jumping straight into the session, our dedicated team at Circle8Massage Leeds will discuss your issues, conduct a range of appropriate tests and assessments before your session.

Since a sports massage can be an effective way to both fix and find issues such as general back and neck stiffness or tension, to long term ailments like plantar fasciitis and runners knee (patella tendonitis). Therefore, here at Circle8Massage, we work closely with all our clients to provide a tailored and highly beneficial sports massage therapy session.  

The Potential Benefits

Here are just a few of the benefits that you can gain from having a sports massage at Circle8Massage:

  1. Reducing, controlling and managing chronic condition related pain

  2. Alleviating short term pain (e.g. from an injury)

  3. Relieving and reducing swelling around your joints

  4. Speed up the recovery time

  5. Prevent injuries (this is highly beneficial if you frequently exercise or are a professional athlete)


However, we’re not going to sugar coat it this particularly massage therapy can be somewhat uncomfortable, yet it’s a small price considering the long term benefits. As we’ve mentioned our knowledgeable massage therapists will discuss your problems or what you want to gain from a sports massage. Our recommendation, if you’ve never had a sports massage before is that you try a shorter 30-35 minute session, or a deep tissue massage first. If you still feel unsure if a sports massage is the ideal option for you why don’t you have a look at our Sports Massage FAQ page?