Myofascial Release Therapy Leeds

Myofascial release therapy, sometimes known as scar tissue release, is a type of massage that focuses on the thick connective tissues that support your muscles. It is designed to relieve any pain, discomfort or mobility issues associated with changes to the structure of these tissues. This type of therapy is most commonly used for back pain; however, it can be used anywhere on the body that the therapist identifies as being tight or not functioning correctly.

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How myofascial tissues work?

Myofascial tissues are spread throughout your body and connect your muscles, joints and bones, providing support and keeping them in place. The structure consists of layers of fascial tissue with a liquid called hyaluronan that lubricates the tissue and ensures it can stretch as required. When this liquid dries up or changes, it can affect the tissues and lead to problems with the muscles and joints. This can occur due to inflammation caused by overuse or injury.

Myofascial pain only occurs where muscles and joints connect such as the lower back, neck, shoulders and jaw and this is why this type of pain can restrict movement more than muscle aches in other parts of the body. However, the restriction often leads to a compensatory effect on surrounding muscles resulting in more general discomfort and widespread body pain.

How does myofascial release therapy help?

Your therapist understands where in your body the myofascial tissues are and can use their experience to identify areas where there is less stretch and movement than there should be. These areas are often known as trigger points can cause ongoing intermittent problems often with no obvious cause. It is possible for the therapist to identify these trigger points even if the patient isn’t sure where the pain is coming from.

What can you expect from your myofascial treatment?

Myofascial release is known as scar tissue release because it pinpoints the areas where tissue has been damaged and works deeply into the area to release the tissue from the surrounding structures – similar to how scar tissue can connect to healthy skin, reducing movement and restricting healing.

Your therapist will first identify the exact areas where there is tightness and restriction and will work on each area intensely, often with their hands or sometimes with a roller or ball, to release the tissues. This can be an intense experience and can be painful (however your therapist will be careful to work to your threshold and not beyond).  The intention is to improve the movement of the structure and the therapist will immediately be able to feel the loosening of the tissue as they work on the area.

What are the benefits of myofascial release?

Patients often report some immediate relief from just one session of myofascial release therapy, however the best results come from a longer-term course of treatment. You can expect:

  • A reduction in pain in the area and in the surrounding compensatory muscles
  • Improved circulation and heat to the area
  • Reduced inflammation
  • Improve range of motion in the joint

If you would like to discuss your joint or muscle pain and to find out if myofascial release therapy might help you, just give us a call.

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