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Do you know which natural massage therapy is the best stressbuster? Well, at Circle 8 massage Leeds we would say a hot stone massage is one of the most effective massage therapies for destressing. Hot stone massages are primarily used to rejuvenate and rebalance our bodies. Most people underestimate the physical toll that stress can have on our bodies and minds. Some people don’t even recognise it as stress but as everyday life. We recommend booking a hot stone massage, and it at least once. We also guarantee that you will leave your hot stone therapy session feeling rejuvenated. In fact, some of our customers have said that they felt like a completely different person afterwards.

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It is entirely understandable why this holistic therapy has been used for thousands of years. Its origin can be sourced back to ancient China. This versatile therapy has been cleverly designed. It can provide a range of benefits, such as improving our well-being, reducing stress, and making us healthier by improving our circulation (note these are just a few examples, it can provide many more benefits).

Initially, massage practice was mainly used to treat the sick according to ancient times. Still, there are recordings that it was also used spiritually in a sense the stones become aligned due to the power of the chi. Over the years, hot stone therapy has adapted and evolved. So, trust us when we say that there is nothing better than a high-quality hot stone massage. What’s more, we have a fantastic team of highly knowledgeable and extremely friendly therapists. We are so confident that our skilled Holistic Therapists will be able to soothe your mind and body, and you will leave feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

What Is a Hot Stone Massage?

This blissful treatment has been practised for thousands of years and is an ancient healing practice. The name of this treatment is certainly appropriate because a hot stone massage is just that, a massage involving smooth, heated, flat stones (which are typically basalt stones). We also feel it is important to mention that even though it is defined as a massage, the only pressure and touch you will feel is from the hot stones. Really, the only time a Holistic Therapist will use their hands during a hot stone massage is when they carefully place the hot stones on specific parts of the body; however, if you would also like a hands-on massage, like a Swedish massage. Well, then you’re in luck because we can pair some hands-on massage therapies with a hot stone massage. For instance, combining a hot stone massage with a more relaxing massage can be highly beneficial, especially if you need this treatment for an injury or pain management.

Moreover, natural essential oils (similar to those used in aromatherapy) are used to enhance the effectiveness of the heated stones. When combined with oils and the heat, the stones will begin to ease and reduce any muscle tension, promote a positive sense of well-being, and improve circulation. It is worth noting that some people use this holistic treatment for spiritualistic purposes. You really shouldn’t be put off if you do not have spiritualistic beliefs because a hot stone massage will still be highly beneficial and relaxing. Additionally, one theory is that the critical areas used during a hot stone massage are believed to control the energy flow in your body. Therefore, when aligned correctly with the ideal amount of pressure, the hot stones work collaboratively with the chi are meant to recharge your energy and body thoroughly.

Continuing with the potential possibility that this therapy is so successful in improving our well-being and rebalancing our bodies is due to the combination of the heated stones, essential oils and the chi (potentially). A hot stone massage allows us to rebalance our minds, body and soul so that they work in harmony. This therapy successfully synchronises the mind and body (and possibly soul) in theory. In addition, it can provide a range of benefits, including helping us to become better people. It can help us remain calm, collective and focused; it can also improve your outlook on life, allowing you to see more positives.

On the other hand, it is worth mentioning that even if you disagree that the movement of energy or “chi” is what causes your relaxation, we are confident that bliss is precisely what you will feel after a hot stone massage at Circle 8 massage Leeds. So, what are you waiting for? It’s time for you to have an enjoyable, therapeutic hot stone massage session?

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Relaxation is one of the expected benefits that you will gain from a hot stone massage. We have mentioned how the stones are specifically aligned to move energy around the body. The heat of the stones also helps reduce the tension in your muscles, loosen your joints and improve circulation. Hot stone therapy can improve your health as it is excellent for rehabilitation and restoring our peace if you suffer from stress or anxiety. A hot stone massage can be highly therapeutic. We have had this confirmed by our clients countless times, which is why so many of our clients incorporate this treatment into their care plan.

The primary reason the stones are heated is that the heat slowly travels through the body, and the heat then begins to warm any tense or tight muscles, which will, in turn, relax the muscles. Relaxation and rejuvenation are apt descriptions for a hot stone massage. The heat travels through your body, slowly releasing tension. What’s more, if you book a hot stone massage at a fully registered, high-quality physiotherapy studio like Circle 8 massage studio in Leeds, then you will definitely feel relaxed, stress-free and invigorated after the session.

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Claim back the full cost of your massage in Leeds, as the Circle8 team are fully accredited with the federation of holistic therapists, which is supported by all major health insurance providers. Check your Insurance policy for more information to see which treatments you can claim for.

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