Gym Ready Sessions

Would prefer to train in a non gym environment, just 1 on 1 with an experienced Personal Trainer?

Got an unused gym membership that is still draining money from your bank account? Want to join a gym, but feel a bit intimidated? Worried you’re doing the exercises wrong and looking a bit silly? Would prefer to train in a non gym environment, just 1 on 1 with an experienced Personal Trainer?

Many of us are ex-gym users, have lost our fitness, feel worried about returning to the gym environment – or are simply complete newbies when it comes to the world of fitness. While most gyms offer introductory sessions to explain how to use equipment, they don’t usually give you the one-to-one attention that you need. Our Gym Ready Sessions are the perfect way to build your confidence and get you in the gym in a way that is safe and effective.

Why would I want to go to the gym?

It is true that general fitness can be achieved through walking and being generally active in our everyday life. However, if you are a looking at starting a new sport or have an injury you’d like to recover from, the gym can offer all the equipment you need in one place – making it convenient and easy to achieve your goals.

As an accompaniment to a Sports massage session, the gym can provide a great way to accelerate your recovery. Often muscle injury is caused by asymmetry in muscle strength or simple things like poor core strength. The right gym exercises can help to improve these issues and result in fewer injuries going forward.

What will happen in my Gym Fit Session?

As with all of our professional sessions, we will assess your overall fitness and health and talk through any injuries or issues that you wish to improve. This will be followed by a personal training session from a Highly experienced and qualified Personal trainer who can take you through the equipment you might want to use to aid your recovery. We will teach the right form and explain the purpose of each machine or how to correctly use the free weights.

The benefits of a Gym Fit Session

Gain confidence in using gym equipment and free weights

Learn about gym etiquette – look like a pro from your very first visit

Learn what you should wear to keep yourself safe

And there’s more…

If you would like a personalised exercise program, tailored to your needs or a few personal training sessions, these can be provided at an extra cost.

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At Circle8Massage we are passionate about what we do, so we are continuously developing and improving our high-quality service. We are delighted to offer this innovative massage therapy option, which can improve circulation, alleviate sore muscles and reduce pain. Currently, Circle8Massage Leeds is one of the few therapy centres that offer Hypervolt Therapy.