Exercise Technique Session

Sometimes it is in the pursuit of a goal that we sabotage ourselves by approaching it in the wrong way. When it comes to training, this can have serious consequences including both short- and long-term injury. Even if no injury occurs, your poor technique could just be wasting your time and energy.

Why do I need an exercise technique session?

Circle8 Massage is privileged to have the services of a highly qualified sports and injury therapist of 8 years who also happens to have a decade-long career in personal training. This combination allows us to offer a fuller range of practical advice.

If you have a new technique you would like to learn, a new piece of gym equipment or an injury you would like to accommodate, we can advise on the best way to carry out your exercises to meet your goals faster and in a safe way.

Often the way you are performing an exercise may be causing you issues and this is also something we can address.

What happens in an exercise technique session?

Each one-to-one session is set up to meet your needs. We will:

  • Talk through your exercise routines, time scales and desired outcomes.
  • Discuss any limitations you may have including injuries, strength levels or exercise preferences.
  • Practise the exact technique needed for your routine and to ensure you are making the most of your precious gym time and avoiding any risk of injury.
  • Teach the best practise for any new equipment, lifting techniques or exercise classes that you are unsure of.
  • Set up a program of corrective and postural exercises that we can monitor to ensure they are meeting your needs and increasing in intensity as required.
  • Program the new exercise in to your current training routine and add in any assistance exercises that would benefit the movement you are trying to learn.

But I know what I am doing…

No matter how long you’ve been working out in the gym or working towards your fitness goals, there’s always room to learn better techniques and improved form. Over time, many of us start to lose the form that we practised so carefully at the start. Having a second pair of eyes on your technique can act as a backup to achieving the best possible results and preventing injury.

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At Circle8Massage we are passionate about what we do, so we are continuously developing and improving our high-quality service. We are delighted to offer this innovative massage therapy option, which can improve circulation, alleviate sore muscles and reduce pain. Currently, Circle8Massage Leeds is one of the few therapy centres that offer Hypervolt Therapy.