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Dry Cupping

You could say that cupping therapy has been around “since Adam was a boy.” Although you may have only recently heard about cupping therapy, as it has recently gained popularity it has been used throughout the ages. Cupping is an effective way to reduce localised congestion and improve circulation by extracting stagnant blood flow. At Circle8Massage we place either glass or plastic cups directly on your skin to extract underlying tissue or stagnant/dead blood.

Generally, the cups will be placed on your skin for ten to thirty minutes, depending on your needs and the level of suction that has been applied. The cups provide localised heat and draw out the toxins using a partial vacuum effect, bringing any congested, damage or dead blood to the surface of your skin. Cupping differs from sports or deep tissue massage, as it works by generating negative pressure as opposed to positive pressure. Dry cupping is an effective method to relieve and reduce pressure from the deep-rooted tissues and muscle structures like your capillaries, nerves and fascia.

This is a popular massage treatment option for those who have lower pain tolerances as it can effectively alleviate aches and pains without having a sports massage or deep tissue massage. Although some of our clients opt for our dry cupping treatment alongside their sports or deep tissue therapy as their opposite pressures complement each other really well. However, the one downside, which does put people off is that cupping can leave circular bruises on the skin (but they usually disappear after a few days).

Cupping is an intense massage treatment, and we’re well versed and knowledgeable at Circle8Massage in this ancient practice. Dry cupping offers an abundance of benefits and is a popular massage therapy choice for many professional sports people.  Cupping Therapy is quite new to the UK and we are one of few massage practices offering the service in Leeds.

We’ve even got a blog dedicated to the benefits of cupping if you’d like to know more.