What are the Benefits of Cupping?

Sep 11, 2019 | Guides

Always wondered what cupping is?  Find out exactly what it is, how it works and how it could benefit you.


What are the benefits of cupping?

You may have heard or read that cupping a good alternative to help relieve stress. Cupping has recently gained popularity, yet many people do not know that it has a deep history. In fact, this massage therapy was used by the ancient Egyptians. Although it seems to be trending now, there must be a reason why this ancient therapy has been used throughout the centuries. So, in this blog, we will explain what of cupping massage therapy is (for those of you who don’t know), and the key benefits you can gain from trying this ancient practice.

So…what is cupping massage therapy?

Cupping is a different type of massage where suction cups are placed on different areas of the body. This therapy is mainly used for muscle relaxation and pain relief. Cupping is used by many professional athletes as a natural alternative to alleviate pain, reduce stiffness and help the recovery process from an injury. Perhaps you’ve noticed the circular bruises on professional swimmers like Michael Phelps. Well, those circular bruises are caused by cupping therapy. So, now we will explain how it works and the main benefits of having a cupping massage in Leeds.


How does it work?

This ancient Chinese and Egyptian therapy is used to improve and mobilise blood flow it specific areas. The suction from the cups pull stagnant blood to the surface of the skin and stretches tight/stiff fascia and muscles. Although there are few scientific studies to discover if cupping can actually create a mild immune response in the blood and increase the production of anti-inflammatory chemicals, this alternative therapy for pain relief has consistently been used over the centuries. Many athletes, such as Andy Murray who advocate and frequently use cupping as part of their training and rejuvenation routine. There are actually four different cupping methods, which are:

  1. Moving – the suction cups are moved throughout the session.
  2. Dry/Air – this technique uses a specifically designed cup with a pump and apply suction to areas of the skin.
  3. Wet – this cupping option is quite similar to acupuncture, a small incision is made on the skin, and the cup is applied to pull out toxins.
  4. Fixed – the suction cups remain fixed throughout the session.


The benefits of cupping massage therapy

So, why has cupping continued to be practised and is becoming the trendy, popular natural alternative for pain relief?

  1. Natural alternative – for those of you who hate taking painkillers, which are sometimes necessary after a sports injury, headaches and general aches and pains, cupping is a completely natural anti-inflammatory alternative.
  2. Reduce stress – cupping therapy, according to the British Cupping Society is a great way to reduce and alleviate physical stress. They also believe that it can reduce tension headaches and is a natural preventative for migraine sufferers.
  3. Pain relief – as mentioned, several well known professional sports people advocate that cupping is a great pain relief method. One investigation found that cupping is more effective than over the counter anti-inflammatory pain relief.
  4. Release tension and relaxes muscles – cupping is an effective way to relax and stretch out stiff or injured muscles. It is believed that the suction draws the damaged tissue and blood to the surface of the skin, which helps torn or damaged recover.


The Bottom Line

Cupping therapy is once again becoming a popular option for those who are looking to remove tension, reduce stress and rejuvenate their bodies. The only downside is that after a cupping session your body will have circular bruises, which is why some people are put off by this therapy option. However, if you don’t mind the circular bruises, cupping could be a beneficial alternative that you need. If you’re looking for a professional deep tissue massage, back massage, sports massage or cupping therapy why don’t you speak to Circle 8 massage, Leeds? Our professional masseurs can help alleviate and improve your wellbeing. Discover for yourself why we offer the best massage in Leeds city centre.

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