The Benefits of Massage for Office Workers

Oct 9, 2019 | Explained

Sat at a desk all day?  Find out the reason why you would benefit from a sports massage or deep tissue massage.


Why Should Office Workers Have a Massage?

Sound familiar…?

….Glued to a laptop or computer

….Spend countless hours at your desk

….Sore shoulders, stiff neck, constant aches

….Frequent headaches

If you can relate to one or all of the above issues, don’t worry you’re not alone! Did you know that working in an office, specifically sitting at your desk for prolonged periods is a strenuous activity? Although many people would not view office work as an active job, sitting at length does take a toll on our bodies, which results in aches, pains and poor circulation. Besides have a physical impact, it affects many people mentally, as working in offices causes a lot of stress and frustration. Do you feel like your body is constantly aching? Is your workload taking a toll on you mentally and physically? If you have answered yes to one or both of these questions, then a massage in Leeds city centre may be the solution that you need.


The Top Five Benefits

For the majority of people, sitting at a desk for most of the day is the norm. So, a lot of us forget that our bodies function best when we are active and mobile. Although it may not seem like it, one of the main causes of fatigue is when we are immobile and sat for extended amounts of time. Besides fatigue, working in an office hurts our bodies physically and mentally. Think about it, how often do you move around in the office, what is your posture like? Do you sit in the same hunched position for most of the day? Unfortunately, prolonged sitting is an inevitability of office work, but there is a highly beneficial solution, and that’s a back massage in Leeds.

So, here are the top five benefits of having a regular massage in Leeds city centre.

  1. Improves circulation.
  2. De-stress, relax and rejuvenate your mind.
  3. Improve your posture (take a look at our blog on Five Ways to Improve your Posture).
  4. Remove tension, stiffness and relax your muscles.
  5. Increase your productivity and creativity.

The Bottom Line

Booking a regular deep tissue or back massage in Leeds with a professional centre and massage parlour like Circle 8 is highly beneficial, not to mention enjoyable for office workers.  Circle 8 have been helping office workers like yourself alleviate their aches and pains with a deep tissue or back massage. Many of our clients who require a massage in Leeds seek our help to rejuvenate their bodies and minds.

Eventually, sitting at your desk, five and sometimes even six days a week for 7-10 hours starts to have adverse effects on our overall wellbeing. Besides providing deep tissue massage in Leeds, Circle 8 enjoys sharing our knowledge and expertise to help you have a healthier and comfortable lifestyle. So, if you’re tired of feeling sore, down and uncomfortable a high-quality massage in Leeds is just what you need to rejuvenate your body and mind.

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