CBD Oil Massage

CBD Oil Masage

What is CBD Oil Massage?

CBD oil in simple terms is the liquid extract of the marijuana plant.  This particular oil is known to have many healing effects and has even been described as a miracle cure!

CBD Oil Massage combines all the benefits of a traditional Sports Massage or Deep Tissue Massage with all of the positive effects of CBD Oil.   The benefits of CBD are quite vast ranging from reducing inflammation to helping with anxiety, to find out about all the things it could help you with please see our blog on All you need to know about CBD oil.


Sports and Deep Tissue massage are great for breaking down muscular knots, relieving tension and helping with aches and pains directly.  Once you combine the above treatments with CBD oil it will simply enhance the effectiveness of the treatment.

Here at Circle 8  we use a high Strength 1000mg CBD isolate direct from Oregon that we work in to your muscles using either Sports Massage or Deep Tissue massage techniques.  A lot of therapists will use a low does CBD oil or mix their oil with aromatherapy oil reducing the potency because CBD oil is very expensive which is something we do not do.

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