Massage Wax vs Massage Oil

Jan 3, 2022 | Guides

Updated 29/10/2023

Massage Wax vs Massage Oil: For the perfect massage

When it comes to massage, there are so many medium options for your therapist to choose from. Wax, oils, lotions, creams, gels and even powders! Each therapist will have their own preference, but most will choose between a massage wax and a massage oil as the main way to reduce friction during a massage treatment. Read on to discover the differences, benefits and drawbacks of each one and to find out our preference.

What is massage wax?

Massage wax is a semi-solid formula that is usually made from either beeswax or vegetable wax. Sometimes they are left plain, or they can be blended with other liquid oils such as almond or grapeseed to create different textures. Some massage wax can also be blended with essential oils to add aroma and to aid certain treatments.


What is a massage oil?

Most massage oils will be a combination of a low viscosity base oil that has been combined with essential oils to be used during an aromatherapy massage session. They are usually liquid and add plenty of lubrication to the skin for easy gliding of the hands over the body. The base oil is usually vegetable-based although nut oils are not uncommon. In some cases, coconut oil, which is solid at lower temperatures, is used and quickly becomes liquid at skin temperature.

Massage Wax

Massage Oil

Usually solid at room temperature, allowing for a less messy application

Usually liquid, giving a quick and easy lubrication of the skin

The therapist can choose different formulations that offer more or less friction, depending on o the type of massage they are doing.

Usually the same viscosity, meaning the friction level can only be adjusted through how much oil is used.

Often has a long expiry date and is less prone to wastage.

Oils can go rancid quickly.

Waxes cannot easily be combined with aromatherapy oils, but there are lots of pre scented waxes available to purchase.

A therapist can mix their own essential oil combination using a base oil, giving them more flexibility.

Beeswax contains a natural antibacterial property and contain natural preservatives.

Therapists can choose from a variety of oil types to suit the skin, many of which contain specific natural properties.

The best medium for sports massage

We have always chosen Songbird Naturals waxes for use in our practice. Not only do they provide a range of different formulations, but they are committed to natural ingredients and no synthetic preservatives, perfumes or GM ingredients. We find that sports massage requires different levels of friction than relaxation massages, therefore we need a wax that allows us to adjust the friction depending on the client by simply using more or less product. Wax gives that flexibility. We also love that wax will not spill or damage furnishings or clothing – making it easier for our clients.

So if you are looking for a massage in Leeds and want to try wax rather than the standard oil book in with us today.


What Are the Key Differences Between Massage Wax and Massage Oil?

The primary difference lies in their texture and application. Massage wax is solid, offering grip and control, while massage oil is a liquid with a smooth glide.

Which Is Better for Sensitive Skin?

Massage wax is the better choice for sensitive skin due to its deep moisturising properties.

Can I Choose Based on Fragrance?

Yes, both massage wax and massage oil come in various scents, allowing you to pick based on your aromatic preferences.

Is One Option More Suitable for Aromatherapy?

Massage wax often comes infused with essential oils, making it a great choice for aromatherapy enthusiasts.

Do These Products Stain Fabrics?

Both massage wax and oil can stain fabrics if not properly cleaned. Be cautious to protect your linens during a massage session.

Can I Use Massage Oil for Deep Tissue Massages?

Yes, massage oil is a popular choice for deep tissue massages, thanks to its smooth glide and quick absorption.

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