Massage Tools 101

Jan 12, 2021 | Guides

The Different Types Of Massage Tools

There are many different types of massage tools, that are all used for different purposes. Below we will explore several different examples of massage tools that are available to you, and the differences between them and their purposes.


1. Electric Back and Neck Massagers

On the days when you are at home and cannot access/ do not have time for a trip to your favourite local massage business, an at home back massager may be a quick and temporary fix to the tension your are experiencing at home. With several available on the market, with varying heat and pressure settings, this tool is often a go-to for people wanting to relax when at home.


2. Vibration Neck and Shoulder Pillows

With many clever heat settings that will gently work out the knots and tight areas in your shoulders, this vibrating pillow is an effective and good idea for those who want a temporary relief from stiff shoulders. They are often a favourite for people who experience stress and tension headaches.


3. Massage Balls

For those who experience tension and pain in hard to reach, small areas such as the arch in their foot or calf, a massage ball can be a good option. With varying degrees of rubber ridges and shapes, you are sure to find one that will gently workout the tension in those small, difficult to massage areas thanks to the relaxing rolling motion that a ball can create on the muscles.


4. Handheld Percussion Massagers such as the hypervolt

For those experiencing pain in large areas such as the back, a handheld electrical massager may be just the tool for you. With a large range of motion, and being able to reach any area due to the shape and design of the tool, you will be able to effectively relieve tension in large areas all at once. It has been claimed that muscle pain has significantly reduced after using one of these, making them a very successful massage tool for big muscles.


5. Foam Rollers

Foam rollers aren’t a classic for nothing. Being fit for most parts of the body, this clever massage tool comes in a range of different shapes and sizes, meaning no matter where the issue Is on your body, whether your thigh or your foot, you are able to effectively stretch out the muscle to your desired level by a gentle rolling motion under the affected area, and able to temporarily relieve yourself from the build up of tension or discomfort.


All of the above are excellent massage tools and often after a massage with us we will prescribe stretches and exercises that will involve these tools. Although we would say massage tools are definitely no substitute for a proper Sports massage from one of our very qualified therapists.

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