What is the Correct Driving Position to Maintain Good Posture?

Sep 19, 2019 | Guides

The Importance of Driving Position for the Hip and Shoulder

Modern vehicles are designed with comfort in mind but if you spend long periods driving – whether for work or pleasure – it’s so important that you know how to prevent damage to muscles and ligaments, which can be caused by sitting for long periods.

Despite the built-in lumbar support which most vehicles are equipped with it is very common to develop back, hip, neck and shoulder pain, and this is often because the tendency is to slump forwards at the wheel and to place the hands incorrectly on the steering wheel. If back or hip pain is a problem for you search back pain Leeds for advice on how you can improve your driving posture.


How driving affects the hip

Many drivers report pain in the leg and hip while driving. This can often be due to you keeping your accelerator leg extended and in one position for a significant period of time. The pain can often travel upwards to the hip. If this problem affects you every time you get into your vehicle you need to address this by seeking treatment through searching massage Leeds city centre where you will find a massage therapist who can help to ease the pain and give advice on what exercises you could do to lessen the incidence of back and hip pain.


Shoulder pain while driving

Neck, shoulder and arm pain are also very common problems and usually arise because of bad driving posture and incorrect seat positioning. The state of our roads doesn’t help in that driving over poor surfaces can cause jolting and vibrations and if your position and seat are all wrong your pain can be severely aggravated. Even wearing a jacket or back pack with heavy items in the pockets can cause shoulder and neck pain through causing you to slump forward.


Adjust your driving seat

The distance of your seat from the pedals plays a large part in whether you’re going to be comfortable and pain-free so the first thing you should do is place your seat so that your legs are not stretching too far to the pedals but not so close that you sit hunched up with your pelvis at an acute angle.

The seat back should not be reclined so far back that you have to lean forward or strain your neck to see over the steering wheel. If your seat is height adjustable ensure that it’s high enough that your hips are on a level with or just below your knees. If your seat is not height adjustable then sitting on a wedge-shaped cushion will achieve the correct position.

The distance between you and the steering wheel should be such that your arms are neither at full stretch nor bunched tight up against your sides.

If your vehicle has lumbar support adjust this to comfortably support your lower spine; otherwise try a rolled-up towel or oblong cushion.


Massage can help

Even with your driving position optimised it’s still possible to suffer pain whilst driving. If this is you, then look to get a massage in Leeds, Circle 8 Massage would recommend a Deep Tissue Massage or sports massage and we can help relieve your pain.

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