Injury Assessment & Rehab Session

In many cases, the path towards full pain-free health after an injury can be longer and more detailed than expected. It may involve many weeks of specific exercises in addition to your massage sessions to help speed you to full recovery. Staying motivated to keep up with your daily exercises can be difficult, especially if the results you want aren’t coming as quickly as you would like. A rehab exercise plan is the perfect way to get the bespoke support you need – keeping your motivation high and ensuring you are repairing your injury safely and effectively.

Why do I need an injury / rehab session?

It would be great if muscle injury or tendon issue could be fully repaired with just a few massage sessions, however this is rarely the case. If you are having problems with walking, sore knees, ankle issues, hip pain or lower back pain, there’s a good chance that the problem is related to systemic weaknesses that are affecting every part of your body.

There really is only one way to cure a weakness – make it strong. This means a targeted strengthening program of exercises designed with your specific injury in mind and created to be carried out both with your practitioner and at home.

How does the Injury / Rehab Session work?

We take our patients through a series of tests and assessments to establish the source of the pain and we put together a bespoke exercise program that is tailored to each person. At your rehab session we will:


  • Assess your movement, how you walk, the range of motion and any mobility difficulties to find out the source of the problem.
  • Look for shortened muscles, inhibited or lengthened muscles, pain or restricted movement.
  • Take a full history of when the pain started and if there was any specific cause.
  • Provide you with an exercise program that is created with your issues in mind and designed to get you back to full health as quickly as possible.

Will you show me what to do?

Absolutely! Our rehab session involves a full one-to-one training session to show you exactly how to carry out each exercise and how to assess improvements. We repeat this each time we meet so we can work out how you are progressing and if any changes should be made.

What types of exercises will I need to do?

While rehab exercises are designed to be challenging, they should never be too hard to complete safely. Your program may include gentle stretches, resistance training with bands or weights and activation work to get those muscles fired up and strengthened.

If you are finding you are recovering from injury more slowly than you would like, ask us about a rehab plan that is tailored for your requirements.

What types of exercises will I need to do?

Gain confidence in using gym equipment and free weights

Learn about gym etiquette – look like a pro from your very first visit

Learn what you should wear to keep yourself safe

And there’s more…

If you would like a personalised exercise program, tailored to your needs or a few personal training sessions, these can be provided at an extra cost.

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At Circle8Massage we are passionate about what we do, so we are continuously developing and improving our high-quality service. We are delighted to offer this innovative massage therapy option, which can improve circulation, alleviate sore muscles and reduce pain. Currently, Circle8Massage Leeds is one of the few therapy centres that offer Hypervolt Therapy.