Wrist Pain and Causes

Sep 22, 2022 | Explained

Are you struggling with wrist pain? Are you unsure what caused your wrist pain? If so, don’t worry because we have the ideal article for you. This article will look at the various causes of wrist pain, for instance, sprains or a long-term injury. Continuous pain can often become difficult to manage, especially if it is due to a condition like carpal tunnel syndrome or arthritis. Additionally, it is worth mentioning that wrist pain can happen to anyone at any age.

It also doesn’t help that there is an abundance of factors that can cause wrist pain. Therefore, finding a specific diagnosis for wrist pain due to injury can sometimes become difficult. However, seek the assistance of your GP or local physiotherapist. You should be able to gain a precise diagnosis. Here at Circle 8, we always recommend seeing your GP or going to the hospital for a scan. Then, once you have a diagnosis, you can start treating your injuries or alleviate your pain relief if you have a long-term condition like arthritis.


Wrist Pain Symptoms

Firstly, your pain levels should vary depending on what is causing your wrist pain. For instance, if you have wrist pain due to a condition like osteoarthritis, it will feel completely different from a strained wrist. What’s more, the type of pain can vary depending on the cause. For instance, people with osteoarthritis describe it as similar to a toothache. Whereas, if you have carpel tunnel, you might have tingling sensations or pins and needles instead of pain. Finally, the location of the pain is key and will help identify the source of your wrist pain.

Some of the general symptoms of wrist pain might include:

  • Pain – whether it’s a sharp stabbing pain, pins and needles sensation, tingling, dull aches and more. The type of pain depends on the type of injury or condition in the wrist.
  • Stiff – Sometimes, people find that their wrist feels tight or stiff. It’s worth noting that the stiffness might spread through to your fingers.
  • Problems with grip – If you are in pain, it might make it difficult to grab or pick things up. It might become physically difficult or feel uncomfortable to grip objects tightly.
  • Clicking sounds – Depending on the cause of your wrist pain, you might notice that your wrist makes a clicking sound. We recommend keeping an eye on this as it can become more severe and could indicate a more serious condition.



Hopefully, we have identified that wrist pain can happen to anyone at any age, and it can occur for various reasons. Generally, wrist pain is classified as feeling discomfort in the wrist. Also, many different conditions can cause wrist pain, despite an acute or severe injury.

At Circle 8 massage Leeds, we treat various clients and help them manage their wrist pain or conditions through natural, holistic massage therapy techniques. Your hands are an important part of your body. We do not realise how much we rely on our hands until we experience wrist pain, and it becomes difficult to do daily tasks.

Furthermore, we feel it is important to mention that you can treat any type of wrist pain with massage therapy. A massage can help you improve your circulation and reduce the stiffness and tensions in your muscles and around the joints in your hand. Before we finish this article, we have listed a range of potential causes. Suppose your wrist pain becomes unmanageable, or you are tired of taking over the counter pain relief. Why don’t you seek the help of a reliable physiotherapy studio, like Circle 8 massage?

Potential Wrist Pain Causes:

  • Acute, moderate or severe injury
  • Gout
  • Carpel Tunnel Syndrome
  • Arthritis
  • Ganglion Cysts
  • Kienbock’s Disease

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